Germany’s floods: KSB donates pumps

KSB is donating domestic water supply systems and grey water pumps worth more than €50 000 to recently flooded areas in Rhineland-Palatinate, North Rhine-Westphalia and Bavaria.

The Frankenthal-headquartered company is providing 100 Multi Eco-Pro systems for domestic drinking water supply, while the local branch of the THW (Germany’s Federal Agency for Technical Relief) will receive five mobile Ama-Drainer wastewater pumps.

The Multi Eco-Pro pumps will help restore access to clean drinking water for those affected by the recent flooding. THW can use the portable Ama-Drainer wastewater pumps to drain flooded cellars for example.

KSB employees are also helping as volunteers supporting the work of the THW, the fire brigade, the German Red Cross, the Malteser relief agency and the rescue dog teams.

“In this extreme emergency, it goes without saying that we are ready to help wherever help is needed – in person and by donating useful equipment,” said Dr Stephan Timmermann, CEO of KSB SE & Co KGaA. “Many of our employees are volunteering to help with the work in the disaster areas. There is simply no question that we should support people in this exceptional situation and provide them with what they need most right now, whether that be fresh drinking water or help in disposing of dirty water.”

KSB’s sales offices in the region have also ordered larger quantities of wastewater pumps so that they can be supplied immediately if necessary.

THW Frankenthal received five mobile Ama-Drainer wastewater pumps. Left to right: Michael Anders (THW), Ralf Kannefass (CSO, KSB), Dr Stephan Bross (CTO, KSB), Dr Stephan Timmermann (CEO, KSB), Bernd Hawlisch (THW) and Lukas Kalnik (THW).