Seepex introduces intelligent progressive cavity pump
SCT AutoAdjust enables remote adjustment to maintain pump performance without onsite manual intervention.

Seepex has refined its range of progressive cavity pumps with the launch of SCT AutoAdjust technology in combination with Seepex digital solutions, enabling remote adjustment to keep pump performance at the optimal operating point without onsite manual intervention.

The SCT AutoAdjust is the next iteration of the company’s Smart Conveying Technology (SCT), a design launched over 10 years ago to simplify and speed up maintenance by removing the need for dismantling the suction or discharge pipework. The design of SCT AutoAdjust maintains the same features of SCT while incorporating hydraulic controls to restore and maintain pump performance.

The integration of Seepex digital solutions with SCT AutoAdjust enables adjustments to be made remotely from the pump, through the Seepex Pump Monitor and Seepex Connected Services. This reduces the need for onsite manual intervention and time-consuming trips to pumps installed in remote, inaccessible locations or large complex sites.

With one click and without the need for special tools or replacement of components, SCT AutoAdjust enables the pump’s efficiency to be restored remotely and adapt to changes in process conditions.